Terms & Conditions

Other terms are as follows:
  • Weight must be distributed evenly throughout the dumpster
  • Loads must not extend above the top of the dumpster
  • Minimal amounts (approx 1/2 ton) of rock, dirt, or concrete products allowed
  • The back door of the container must be latched for removal of the dumpster
  • Extra weight is back charged to your Credit Card at $45.00/ton

The following conditions will prevent us from servicing your roll-off:

  • Over weight container or uneven weight distribution
  • Over height container
  • Back door unlatched
  • Blocked container or behind a locked gate

You will be assessed a dry run fee for all containers that are not serviceable on the day of a scheduled pick-up. FEE $75.00

Due to landfill regulations, the following materials are not allowed to be put into any dumpster:

COD Policy

There will be a $200.00 inactivity fee assessed if the there is no activity on the dumpster within 30 days of delivery.

These terms apply to all sites on any date!
Call our customer service center at 480-759-4858 or email us at info@humptydumpstersaz.com to schedule service of your dumpster.